The Smart Way to Solve Spider Issues

The Smart Way to Solve Spider Issues

About Spiders in Western Australia

Australia has about 500 species of spiders. That’s a lot to keep track of! From the fast-moving huntsman spider to the small redback spider, many of these spiders seem to enjoy invading peoples’ homes. Spiders are everywhere: some reports have estimated that there are about 1 million spiders per acre of land. Chances are, there are spiders near you right now, whether you realize it or not. Spiders are not insects. They are actually more closely related to scorpions and ticks. They lay multiple eggs and can have hundreds of babies at a time.

Spiders Are Annoying, But Not Too Dangerous

Many spiders spin webs – an impressive skill, but not something that you want inside your house. They can be beneficial in a way because spiders use their webs to trap other insects like flies and mosquitoes. But if you have spiders in your home, you are just trading one pest for another. A few spiders can pose a danger to humans with their venomous, painful bites. For example, if you are bitten by a redback spider, you will need to seek treatment right away and get an antivenin to counteract the neurotoxins in the spider’s bite. While certain spider bites can be incredibly painful and sometimes even dangerous, don’t worry: spiders rarely bite people unless they are threatened. They are highly unlikely to bite you while you are minding your own business.

Solving Your Spider Issues

The first step towards making your home inhospitable to spiders is to keep things tidy. Remove cobwebs as soon as you see them, pick up clutter where spiders are likely to hide, and seal any small cracks where spiders could enter your home. Spider control technicians in Perth are your best line of defense. They can treat your home with non-toxic chemicals that are safe for humans, but lethal to spiders. Spider treatment is simple, straightforward, and budget-friendly. Your pest control technician will spray indoor and outdoor areas of your home to keep the spiders away. Contact us to get started with spider control services. We will get back to your promptly and help you solve your spider problem!


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