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The Power Over Pests team is here to stop ants before they come marching in. We’ll create a pest removal plan that keeps ants away from your garden and out of your home.

Advanced Solutions for Ant Removal

Have you been seeing ant nests along your driveway and paved areas? Or, are there ants inside your home? At Power Over Pests, we understand how ants behave and we know how to stop them in their tracks.

Some ants can cause property damage or itchy bites, while other ants are simply annoyances. Ants are very social creatures. If you see one or two ants, there are probably hundreds more on their way. Getting rid of the ants will most likely require finding and treating the colony. Coastal brown ants are one of the most common ants that we see here in Western Australia. This is an invasive species that is a danger to native Australian species, so it is important to keep the populations under control. However, there are other species that can also cause infestations on your property.

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Coastal Brown Ant

Coastal Brown Ant

Coastal brown ants, also called big-headed ants, are a major nuisance ant species in Western Australia. They are an urban pest and are often seen in lawns and in brick paving which they tend to undermine.

Other Ants

There are others such as red imported fire ant, browsing ant, and electric ant that threaten WA from interstate and overseas, mainly via ports of entry (air and sea). Tramp ant species currently of greatest concern for Australia and WA

Ants Can:

Leave A Pheromone Trail For Other Ants To Follow, Meaning More Ants Are On Their Way Into Your Home.

Have Satellite Colonies In Nearby Yards Or Homes, Meaning Killing One Colony Might Not Be Enough.

Ant Queens Can:

Lay Up To 800 Eggs in A Day.

Live For Decades And Have Millions of Young.

Common Ants In Australia

Whitefooted House Ant

Sugar Ant

Singapore Ant

Carpenter Ant

Pharaoh’s Ant

Pavement Ant

Odorous House Ant

Bull Ant

Green Ant

Ghost Ant

Black House Ant

Fire Ant

Flying Ants

Coastal Brown Ant

Argentine Ant

Garden Ant

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As one of the major nuisance species in Western Australia, coastal brown ants – also known as big-headed ants – are a common complaint. They frequently appear in brick paving, driveways, and lawns in enormous colonies. They are small, light ginger-brown colored and they are especially active in the autumn.

If you suspect coastal brown ants or any other species of ant on your Perth property, get a pest control technician to help eradicate them. Contact us today for a quote!