Commercial Services

Maintain your reputation with regular preventive pest control treatments! Power Over Pests can put together a custom-made plan for your commercial pest control.

Pest Control for Restaurants and Other Businesses

At Power Over Pests, we specialize in inspecting your business, finding out your needs, and developing a continuous plan. As a result, your commercial property can remain pest-free. You won’t have to worry about pests causing disruption and damage to your business because we will take care of everything!

Get A First-Rate Defense Against Pests.

German cockroaches are sneaky insects that hide inside walls and cabinets, only coming out at night to scavenge for food. They are often difficult to eradicate without the help of a professional pest exterminator. That’s where Power Over Pests comes in. We will thoroughly inspect your commercial property, find where the cockroaches are entering, and apply insecticide products and barriers to ensure that you won’t have to deal with cockroach problems any longer.

If you operate a restaurant or another business that stores food products, you know the devastation that a rodent infestation could cause. It’s best to be proactive about keeping rodents off your commercial property. In other words, you should seek pest treatment before you even see the first mouse or rat on the property. At Power Over Pests, we can help you keep the rodents at bay!

Other pests can plague commercial properties as well. Ants and other insects are commonly found here in Western Australia, and wildlife such as possums may also cause issues to your commercial property. Whatever pests are plaguing you, Power Over Pests is here to eradicate them!

Pest Control

Don’t Leave Pest Control To Chance.

Without A Strong Pest Control Plan, You Risk Losing Customers, Disrupting Your Day-To-Day Operations And Paying Costly Regulatory Fines. Terminix Has The Technology And Solutions To Get Pests Out And Keep Them Out.

You Need The Strongest Pest Protection You Can Get