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Our founder, Paolo, is an expert pest control technician in Perth, Australia. He has helped countless homeowners to eradicate pests from their properties, and he also works with commercial properties to control their pest problems. From ants to spiders to possums and other wildlife, Paolo knows how to deal with them all!

We Put Safety and Our Clients First

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and happiness of our clients. We are licensed, insured, and will do our best to solve every pest issue as quickly as possible. Our effectiveness comes from years of experience, as we have successfully and safely eradicated pests from hundreds of homes. One thing that sets us apart is our attention to detail when inspecting your home for pests. We don’t want to apply treatments that are unneeded or unable to tackle the problem at hand. We want to see firsthand what we are dealing with so that we can make a plan tailored to your needs. And of course, we use safe, non-toxic methods whenever possible to keep people and pets safe! If we discover anything else that needs to be remedied once we begin working, we will keep you informed and get your approval before applying pest control treatments. We strive to be transparent and upfront about all costs.

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