Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

Before purchasing a home in Western Australia, it is recommended to have a timber pest inspection. This will ensure that the property isn’t infested by termites or bore beetles that can harm the structural soundness of your new home.

Do You Have a Timber Pest Inspection Condition?

Many times, homebuyers include a timber pest inspection condition on their offer. You can add a special conditions clause to state that the sale can be cancelled if there is severe termite activity or damage. The clause should also state that the timber pest inspection must be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3-1998. This is the national standard for timber pest inspections and reports.

Affordable Timber Pest Inspection in Perth

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection should be complete and thorough, not just including the house, but also including outbuildings and fencing. We will thoroughly examine roof and floor timbers along with any areas that may be infested currently or in the future.

With an inspection from Power Over Pests, you can ensure that your new home is termite-free, structurally sound, and ready to move in to. Get in touch today to learn more or to get started!

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