Spider Control

Get power over spiders with our premium spider control services! The summer months bring many spiders into homes, but we know just how to keep them away.

Spiders Don’t Belong in Your Home

Spiders may be a useful part of the ecosystem, as they help to control bug populations. However, they do not belong in homes or businesses!

While many spiders are harmless, you probably do not want them inside your home. Most species of spiders can lay more than one thousand eggs in a lifetime, allowing for rapid infestations. A few species can cause painful bites if you happen to come into close contact with them. Where there are spiders, there may also be other pests. That’s because spiders are skilled predators that feed on insects. If we suspect an additional infestation, we will let you know and will change our treatment plan to accommodate the other pests.

Spider Control Covers

House Spiders

House Spiders

Any corner inside or outside is suitable for house spiders to construct their webs. These spiders are more common in garages, crawl spaces, and basements as these areas are less disturbed and tend to harbor more insects.

Other Spiders

Other spider species can be problematic for householders, businesses, and farming properties.

Spiders Can:

Indicate the presence of other pests on which spiders prey.

Quickly breed into infestations. A female common house spider will produce more than 1,600 eggs in her lifetime.

Common Spiders In Australia

White-Tailed Spider

Black House Spiders

Brown House Spider

Daddy Long Legs Spider

Funnel Web Spider

Garden Orb-Weaving Spider

Harvestman Spider

Huntsman Spider

Mouse Spider

Red Headed Mouse Spider

Redback Spider

St Andrew’s Cross Spider


Trapdoor Spider

Wolf Spider

Keep Your House Spider-Free with Power Over Pests

Regular application of spider repellant chemicals will give you year-round protection from this creepy crawlies. You won’t have to constantly sweep away cobwebs or deal with spiders that have invaded your home, and you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a venomous bite harming you or your family members.