Rodent Control

Have you heard scurrying or squeaking sounds in the night? Are there mouse or rat droppings in your house? Power Over Pests can help.

Secure Your Home Against Rodents

If you have rodents in your roof void, vents, walls, cabinets, or anywhere else, we’re here to save the day. As expert pest control technicians, we have safe and effective solutions to help you win the war against mice and rats.

Rodents are excellent at finding their way into homes and helping themselves to any food they can get. They may destroy your belongings in the process, and they will certainly gain access to the contents of your pantry. They can spread bacteria and dirt as they move throughout your kitchen cupboards, and they can even chew through wires, causing fire hazards. Plus, the scurrying and squeaking noises will keep you up at night!

Rodent Control Covers

Mice Rodent




Rats and Mice Can:

Chew through wires and cause fires

Destroy property and belongings

Chew through books and documents

Destroy property and belongings

Leave droppings behind

Make disturbing noises in your surfaces

Species Of Rodents Found In Australia

Black Rat

Brown Rat

Norway Rat

Bush Rat

Rodent Proofing in Perth

Are you looking to get rid of mice or rats inside your house, shed, or garage? We know just how to get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible! Contact Power Over Pests for a free quote today to get started.