Possum Control

Have you been hearing the telltale sounds of possums living inside your roof or chimney? We’re here to help you evict them!

We Control Possums the Humane Way

Australia has approximately 23 species of possum! Our one of the most common wildlife pests in the Perth area, possums are frequently seen in roof cavities, chimneys, and in dark, enclosed spaces such as sheds. They don’t seem to mind living in close quarters with humans, as they are often found in urban and suburban areas.

Possums are noisy and smelly when living in your home. They can also do structural damage and become a fire hazard if they decide to gnaw on wires. They rarely interact with humans, but they might destroy your vegetable patch while looking for their next meal.

Wildfile Control Covers





Wildlife Can:

Chew through wires and cause fires

Destroy property and belongings

Chew through books and documents

Destroy property and belongings

Leave droppings behind

Make disturbing noises in your surfaces

Possum Proofing in Perth

To stop possums from entering your home, we will investigate the property, uncover any possible entry points, and seal them using wire net mesh. We will catch the possums and release them 25m away from where they were captured, which is the maximum distance allowed by Australia law. Thanks to the wire mesh covering each entrance, possums will no longer be able to share your home.

We Also Offer 12 Months Warranty For Possum Proofing Job

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