Dealing with Possums in Perth

Dealing with Possums in Perth

Are you a Perth resident who is dealing with possum problems? You’re not alone. City dwellers and suburban residents alike know the familiar signs of a possum taking up residence in the roof or walls of their homes. These marsupials can make lots of noise as they scurry around your roof and they may leave smelly, unhygienic messes behind. They also enjoy chewing through wires, which can lead to power outages and possibly even fires.

Humanely Dealing with Protected Species of Possum

Several native Australian possum species are protected. The Brushtail Possum is one of the most common species in Western Australia. It is a protected species, and there are laws governing its removal. The same is true for the slightly smaller Ring-Tailed Possum, which is less frequently spotted in Perth but more common between Bunbury and Albany. These creatures cannot be harmed or retained without authority from the Department of Conservation and Environment. They must be safely released a maximum of 25 meters from where they were captured.

Why Possums Want to Live in Your Neighborhood

As humans increasingly start living in the areas where wildlife once had free range, wildlife has learned to adapt. Possums are particularly adept at living in close proximity to humans. Without realizing it, we provide them with food and shelter. They love fruits and vegetables, flowers, tree bark, shrubs, leaves, and lichen. They also love small, dark places in which to build their nests – and roof voids are the perfect spot.

Evicting Possums from Your Home

The best way to deter possums is to seal any gaps or voids where they might want to take up residence. The first step is to make sure there are no possums trapped inside by setting a trap inside the sealed-off area and removing any possums that are caught. The next step is to install sturdy wire mesh to block off gaps and crevices where they live. A licensed possum catcher will know just how to humanely, safely deal with the type of possums that you have in your home. These marsupials are persistent, but a pest technician will be able to get the best of them while still complying with all regulations that govern protected species of possum.


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